How do I calculate Volatility in football

In the stats page, I added a stat called 2014-15 Avg point variance.  That’s basically their volatility percentage.  This is calculated by taking the players average point variance and divide it into the average point variance for that position among all players.  A score of 1 is average.  A score less than one means their average variance is less than average.  This means they have less volatility in their average points.  A player great than 1 means they have more volatility.  These players are better for tournaments because have a higher ceiling.

For example, Let’s look at compare Keenan Allen WR to Emmanuel Sanders WR.  WR on a whole have an average fantasy pts of 5.7 with an average variance of 2.81.  To get variance, say a person with an average score of 6 gets 10 points one week.  thats a variance of 4.

So WR average variance is 2.81 out of average points of 5.7, which means that 49% of a players average points should be their variance.

Emmanuel Sanders averages 14.8 points per game in 2014-15.  So we would expect his average variance to be 49% of that which is 7.3.  However when pulling up his game log and looking at all the variances each week, his average variance is 5.9.  So that is less than the average, so that would make him seem like a safer play for cash games.  HE has less volatility than average.  So when we take 5.9/7.3, we get .815, which is less than 1.

Keenan Allen averages 10.7 ppg so we’d expect his average variance to be 5.2.  However his real average variance is 7.2.  So when we divide 7.2/5.2 we get 1. 37.  That number is a lot great than 1, so we know he is a more volatile play.

I then use these rates to adjust the projections on the Multilineup 1 tab when you change the dropdown in AB6 to Cash game or High Risk.  If you play High Risk, this system would adjust Keenan Allen projection up a bit but if you play cash games, it will adjust Emmanuel Sanders projection up a bit and Allen’e down.





What’s the different between the free and paid versions?

The free version only let’s you run lineups for Fanduel and only up to 8 lineups. The paid version let’s you run on all the other sites and up to 200 lineups. Multilineups 2 and 3 only work in the paid version. The paid version has some more stats come through than the free version.

Do I have to Enable macros to get this software to work?

Yes. When you open the software, it may ask you to enable macros. Click yes or click Enable. Otherwise the buttons will not work.

Can I use this software in Google Sheets? I don’t have Excel

You can open the spreadsheet software in Google sheets to view it but you can’t get the buttons to work.

If you don;t have Excel, I suggest signing up to our email Package. Witht hat, we run everything for you in the morning and email it to you daily, for every active sport. You can open those files up in Google Sheets.

How do I use this software?

Here is a video to explain how to use this software:


How do I use the Stats page?

How do I run an Optimal Lineup?

How do I Activate Solver?

How do I create my own Projections?

I have a Mac, will this work on a Mac?

Sorry but no it will not right now. It only works in Windows. I am hoping to roll it out to a Mac at some point.

I get a 1004 Error message when I press to Refresh the stats. Why?

One common reason is that you have filters on, on your Batter or Pitcher tab. You can NOT have the filters on because Excel is performing some actions on those tabs. Just turn the filters off and Refresh the data again and it should work. If not, email me.

I press refresh but I don’t get any data. Why?

Refresh data only works if you press it before games are starting. If you press it at the end of the night, it will error out. The next day stats aren’t out yet so there’s nothing to fill the spreadsheet with. Just wait until the next day to try it.

I entered my password but it says it isn’t active?

The first time you enter in your password, you need to press Refresh Logins. That initializes it. Then as long as you are an active subscriber and your password is in there, then you don’t need to press Refresh Logins anymore.

If that still doesn’t work, then email me to check the database.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time.  Just log into your paypal account and there should be a link in your activity that shows you signed up with us.  Click on it and then you’ll see something that says to Cancel Subscription.  Click that and it will cancel it.