Daily Fantasy Sports is growing like crazy these days.  Which means it is getting tougher and tougher to win the daily tournaments.  You have to stay on top of everything to have a chance.  If you feel you do a ton of research and miss out on family time only to end up losing more than you win, then keep reading…

There are a lot of great sites out there that will give you daily advice and tips on who to play.  However thousands of people read these sites, so they are getting the same information as you.

It can be very frustrating putting in the effort night after night to end up only losing money anyways.  

Doing your research takes time and so does creating your lineups.  That is time taken away from spending it with your family or other fun things you like to do.


Many people will do their own research on an Excel Spreadsheet.  Here you can easily analyze all the players and come up with your own decisions on players and find those gems that no one is playing.

There are problems with this however.  They are:

  1. They take time everyday to copy and paste your information in and get it ready to research
  2. Not everyone is an Excel expert so it is tough for many users to make the most out of their spreadsheets and they soon get frustrated and quit
  3. There is no easy way to come up with lineups to use without scrolling through all the players and picking ones with good stats

Our Spreadsheet Tool Solves these problems!  With NO MONTHLY FEES!

Features of the software tool:

  • Full Lineup Optimizer tool to produce between 1 and 150 Lineups in under 10 seconds
  • This tool is a spreadsheet in Windows Excel so you can edit and add to it easier than a web based optimizer
  • Gives you the ability to easily add your own projections or a list of projections from another site.  We do not supply projections.
  • Lets you run lineups based on projections 
  • Lets you run lineups based on your wanted exposure of each player
  • Can export lineups to csv for easy upload to Draftkings or Fanduel
  • Very good customer service to help you when you run into problems.
  • Tools for both Fanduel and Draftkings for most sports
  • Tools for both the Classic games and for the Single Game Slates for most sports
  • No Monthly Payments!  One time flat amount for lifetime access
  • No need to wait for the back end salaries to be uploaded.  You copy the salary export for your slate and you are ready to roll… It will not refresh salaries
  • Free updates when I make improvements to the spreadsheets

Get the Full Package and you will get the following Spreadsheets:

  • NFL (Classic games, Single Game Slate and Wanted Exposures -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • NBA (Classic games, Single Game Slate and Wanted Exposures -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • MLB (Classic games, Single Game Slate -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • NHL (Single Game Slate  -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • Golf (Classic games and Wanted Exposures -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • MMA (Classic games and Wanted Exposures -Draftkings)
  • College Football(Single Game slate  -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • Nascar (Classic games and Wanted Exposures -Fanduel and Draftkings)
  • Soccer (Classic and Single Game Slate  -Draftkings)
  • COD Call of Duty(Single Game Slate  -Draftkings)
  • LOL League of Legends(Single Game Slate  -Draftkings)
  • CS GO (Single Game Slate  -Draftking)

Purchase the Full Package and get all the Spreadsheets listed Above for $99!

One Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!  Free Updates!

Or check out each Sport Spreadsheet Lineup Optimizers Seperately Below:


This works in Windows Microsoft Excel only.  It will not work on a Mac or Google sheets.  

If you don’t have Excel, you can get it from Microsoft at $6.99  a month at : https://products.office.com/en-us/buy/office

If you have a Mac and don’t have Windows , you can buy an emulator to run Windows on a mac : https://appletoolbox.com/2016/04/top-10-windows-emulator-mac/

Take a look at this video on how easy it can be to generate lineups:

Purchase the Full Package and get all the Spreadsheets listed Above for $99!

One Time Payment!  No Monthly Fees!  Free Updates!

We offer Secure Transactions through Paypal or credit cards through Stripe.  When you click Buy Now, you will be taken to a page to choose your payment option.  If you have any questions or concerns on payment, please email me at Excelbyjoe@gmail.com