Soccer Spreadsheet Lineup Optimizer Tool

Our Soccer Spreadsheet Tool will help you build better lineups faster.  Whether you are playing 1 cash lineup or uploading 150 lineups to a GPP Tournament.

Our spreadsheet tool will let you create lineups based on projections with salary constraints. Soccer

Soccer spreadsheet lineup optimizer


  • Full Lineup Optimizer tool to produce between 1 and 150 Lineups in under 10 seconds
  • This tool is a spreadsheet in Windows Excel so you can edit and add to it easier than a web based optimizer
  • Gives you the ability to easily add your own projections or a list of projections from another site.
  • Lets you run lineups based on projections 
  • Can export lineups to csv for easy upload to Draftkings 
  • Very good customer service to help you when you run into problems.
  • Tool for Draftkings Single Game and Classic game
  • No Monthly Payments!  One time flat amount for lifetime access


Besides the tools being in Excel, there are NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS!

These tools do not have a refresh button to pull in salaries.  You have to export the csv file from Draftkings for the slate you want to play .  It is very easy and takes 60 seconds to do.  You don’t have to rely on anyone uploading the salaries for you anymore.

This tool also does not have our projection.  You need to use your own or copy some in from another website.


This works in Windows Microsoft Excel only.  It will not work on a Mac or Google sheets.  

If you don’t have Excel, you can get it from Microsoft at $6.99  a month at :

If you have a Mac and don’t have Windows , you can buy an emulator to run Windows on a mac :

Purchase the Soccer Excel Software below for Lifetime access to the  spreadsheet tool. One time payment.  Only $20.
What you get:
  • Draftkings Spreadsheet for Single Game slates and Classic Game slate
  • Email support from me
  • Lifetime updates of changes in the spreadsheet