Simulation Spreadsheets Membership

Sometimes looking at stats and player matchups just isn’t enough to tell how players will do.  What if you could simulate the games or parts of the games 100s or 1000s of times?

I built many spreadsheets which do just that!  Using player statistics and past probabilities, my spreadsheets will allow you to run simulations and see the results.  This can help you in picking your daily fantasy lineups or making your player prop or sports bets!

For a low monthly fee, you will get access to all of our spreadsheets, with new ones coming out all the time.

Some features of our spreadsheets include:

  • Press a button to see today’s players with updates stats (updated by 10AM)
  • Standard deviation of player outcomes updated Daily
  • simulations run fast, normally within 5 to 15 seconds
  • easy export of results to Pdf file
  • 3 different styles of simulators : Daily fantasy score , Player Props and Game outcomes
  • Simulators for NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL with more to come
  • Quick access to me if there’s a problem
  • Your choice in number of simulations to run
  • Work in Windows Excel

Check out this Video below for more information on the tools:

What you get with membership

You will get the following types of spreadsheets :

  • Daily Fantasy Player Simulator- Basketball
  • Daily Fantasy Player Simulator Football
  • Daily Fantasy Player Simulator- Baseball
  • Daily Fantasy Player Simulator- Hockey
  • Player Prop Simulator – Basketball
  • Player Prop Simulator – Football
  • Player Prop Simulator – Baseball
  • Player Prop Simulator – Hockey
  • Game Outcome-Over/Under Simulator NBA
  • Game Outcome-Over/Under Simulator NFL
  • Game Outcome-Over/Under Simulator MLB
  • Game Outcome-Over/Under Simulator NHL

You will get daily updated stats, standard deviations and projections within each spreadsheet

See below for more details…

Daily Fantasy Player Simulation Spreadsheet

The DFS Simulation Spreadsheet will pull in all the players that are playing today with their year long fantasy PPG stats, projections for today and standard deviations for their scores.  The tool pulls in Draftkings salary but you can easily copy and paste in your own projections and salaries also.  Then you get to run simulations up to 5000 times to see how these players did compared to their salary.  

Player Prop Simulation Spreadsheet

The Player Prop simulation spreadsheet will pull in the day’s players with year long stats and projections.  Each sport (NBA<,NFL, NHL and MLB) will contain different categories.  NBA looks at assists, points and rebounds.  NHL looks at assists, shots and points.  Then the tool lets you run simulations and you can see how they performed.  

Game Outcome and Over/Under Simulation Spreadsheet

The game outcome and over under simulation spreadsheet will pull in today’s games and give you the vegas odds.  Then it lets you run simulations on the games and you get to see the outcomes.  See how often teams win outright, against the spread, go over or under the Vegas odds, go over their team totals, how often they win by a lot or lose by a lot and many more stats.  For NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB.

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