Here are our most common Frequently asked questons. Please review them and if you still have a question, email me at excelbyjoe@gmail.com

Do I always get the absolute optimal lineup?

So what optimizers online do is run millions of simulations to come up with the true optimal lineup.  What my Excel tool does is the exact same thing however it cant run millions of lineups as that would bog down the memory.  So I have excel set up to run less simulations.  Thats why I have 2 buttons on most tools.  One runs maybe 50,000 simulations and I call that the faster version and the slower version runs maybe 150,000 simulations.  After it runs the simulations, it sorts them by points for the ones that stayed in the constraints and then outputs those results to you.  So are you getting the 100% true optimal lineups?  Sometimes yes, but sometimes no.  Are you getting close to optimal lineups?  Yes you are.  The lineups are pretty close to optimal when they arent completely optimal.  and in testing, those do just as well overall as the complete optimal lineup.

Do I have to Enable macros to get this software to work?

Yes. When you open the software, it may ask you to enable macros. Click yes or click Enable. Otherwise the buttons will not work.

I have a Mac, will this work on a Mac?

Sorry but no it will not right now. It only works in Windows.

How do I Lock in or Exclude players from lineups?

To lock in or include players in all your lineups, you put an x in the multilineups tab.

To exclude players from your lineups, just change their projection to 0 so they will never get picked.

How do I use the NBA spreadsheets?

You can watch these videos to show you:


How do I use the PGA Golf Spreadsheet tool?

How do I use the NFL Football Spreadsheet tool?

How do I use the MMA Spreadsheet tool?

How do I use the Nascar Spreadsheet tool?

When do the salaries get updated for the day/week?

You have to manually add the salaries yourself from Draftkings or Fanduel.  Its very easy.

Just open up the slate you want to play.  Find the link to Export Salaries and click it and it will open in Excel.

Then just copy and paste it to the Draftkings Salaries tab or Fanduel Salaries tab.

My spreadsheet doesn’t work. Why?

This is a very vague question and can’t be answered without more information. Please read the other FAQ’s to see possible errors. Read through them and some tips below. Then you can email me excelbyjoe@gmail.com if you still can’t figure it out. But please tell me exactly what is going on, like what buttons you are pressing and what happens if anything. also any error messages.

1. Make sure you are in Windows Excel 2007 or newer
2. Restart Excel or even your computer if it isn’t working.
3. Make sure there’s no other Excel programs running or it could cause it to slow.
4. Make sure you have the correct login

Do I need Solver installed?

No you don’t.  I re programmed the lineup optimizer to not have to use Solver.  While Solver was good, it was extremely slow.  So now I have Excel doing the same thing, but just quicker.