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How to use our Football tool to generate and Bulk enter entries into Draftkings

Entering multiple lineups is a great strategy to winning.  Our Spreadsheet tool can help you do this quickly.  Here are instructions on how to do it:

  1.  Run your lineups from the Multilineups or Multilineups 2 tab.  I won;t go over how those work here.  But after you run the lineups, you will be directed to the “Your Lineups” tab and see something like this”



2.  Press the Export to csv file.  It will generate a csv and save as something like book1.csv.


If there is a blank column, then delete it.

3.  You now have the upload file.  Next step is to download the chrome extention for Draftkings.  You can do that at this link:



4.  After you download it, go to Draftkings.com .  Make sure you do it in Google Chrome browser.  Click on My Lineups.  You should see something like this:


5.  Click on Import Lineups.  You will get the screen below.  Click on the game you time and sport you want on the left.  Then on the right upload the csv file.



then click upload lineups.


Note:  sometimes error messages may show up like below when a name doesnt exactly match.  But it will give you choices and you just need to pick the choice of the guy.  See below.  Draftkings doesn’t recognize Christopher Ivory, but below it asks if you want to use Chris Ivory.  Just click that you do.

then you should get:


Once you get that, you will have those lineups in your My Lineups tab.  Now just find contests in the Lobby and choose those lineups. to play!






Week 1 NFL Picks on our Lineup optimizer

So for this first week I wanted to give top picks for the week and also wanted to test out my optimizer. In the past my optimizer would look at projections and salary and give you the top lineups. However many people just know who they like but they don’t make projections.

One I came across was Matthew Berry from ESPN. He gives his love hate for the week, but doesn’t say how much each person would score. So I decided for this article to not give my picks for week 1 but to take Matthew Berry’s love list of people he likes for week 1 and run it through my lineup optimizer that doesn’t look at projected score. You rank the players from 1 to 5 and the spreadsheet will pick lineups from those. The players you listed as 5 will show up in more lineups than guys you rate as a 3 or 4.

Berry’s article is at: http://espn.go.com/fantasy/football/story/_/page/TMR150910/matthew-berry-love-hate-list-sleepers-busts-best-starts-sits-fantasy-football-week-1

I won’t go through it all, but some big names he likes are Rodgers, Ryan, Murray, Cobb and Julio. HE also lists lower priced guys.

So I ran his loves through my spreadsheet and it spit out 30 lineups. The csv file is below:

week 1 matthew berry

It is in csv format so you can upload it to Draftkings and have 30 lineups all set to go!

Here are the lineups:

Aaron Rodgers DeMarco Murray Christopher Ivory Vincent Jackson Steve Johnson Julio Jones Jason Witten Doug Martin Carolina Panthers
Derek Carr Jonathan Stewart Doug Martin Rueben Randle Julio Jones A.J. Green Owen Daniels Rashad Jennings Minnesota Vikings
Matt Ryan Doug Martin DeMarco Murray Eddie Royal Davante Adams A.J. Green Greg Olsen Jeremy Hill Minnesota Vikings
Matt Ryan Jeremy Hill DeMarco Murray Randall Cobb Eddie Royal Davante Adams Owen Daniels Vincent Jackson Miami Dolphins
Sam Bradford Rashad Jennings Jeremy Hill Rueben Randle Eddie Royal A.J. Green Greg Olsen Jonathan Stewart Miami Dolphins
Aaron Rodgers Khiry Robinson DeMarco Murray Julio Jones Eddie Royal A.J. Green Delanie Walker Christopher Ivory Carolina Panthers
Derek Carr Khiry Robinson DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Eddie Royal A.J. Green Jason Witten Julio Jones Carolina Panthers
Matt Ryan Jonathan Stewart Jeremy Hill Steve Johnson Randall Cobb Davante Adams Greg Olsen Rueben Randle Carolina Panthers
Tony Romo Rashad Jennings Jonathan Stewart Rueben Randle Julio Jones Eddie Royal Richard Rodgers Randall Cobb Miami Dolphins
Tyrod Taylor Eddie Lacy Doug Martin Rueben Randle Randall Cobb Mike Evans Owen Daniels Vincent Jackson Minnesota Vikings
Matt Ryan Rashad Jennings Jeremy Hill Vincent Jackson Julio Jones Eddie Royal Jason Witten Christopher Ivory Miami Dolphins
Matt Ryan Eddie Lacy DeMarco Murray Randall Cobb Eddie Royal Charles Johnson Jason Witten Doug Martin Miami Dolphins
Aaron Rodgers Jonathan Stewart DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Eddie Royal Charles Johnson Delanie Walker Mike Evans Miami Dolphins
Philip Rivers Rashad Jennings DeMarco Murray Randall Cobb Eddie Royal Charles Johnson Delanie Walker A.J. Green Carolina Panthers
Matt Ryan Rashad Jennings DeMarco Murray Mike Evans Charles Johnson A.J. Green Delanie Walker Christopher Ivory Minnesota Vikings
Tyrod Taylor Jonathan Stewart DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Randall Cobb Charles Johnson Delanie Walker Jeremy Hill Carolina Panthers
Philip Rivers Rashad Jennings Jonathan Stewart Vincent Jackson Julio Jones Eddie Royal Greg Olsen Davante Adams Carolina Panthers
Matt Ryan Jonathan Stewart Eddie Lacy Steve Johnson Charles Johnson A.J. Green Greg Olsen Doug Martin Miami Dolphins
Tony Romo Jeremy Hill DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Rueben Randle Charles Johnson Jason Witten Jonathan Stewart Carolina Panthers
Tyrod Taylor Jonathan Stewart Christopher Ivory Mike Evans Julio Jones Eddie Royal Delanie Walker Randall Cobb Minnesota Vikings
Tony Romo Rashad Jennings #N/A Julio Jones Eddie Royal #N/A Richard Rodgers Jonathan Stewart Minnesota Vikings
Tyrod Taylor Jeremy Hill Eddie Lacy Mike Evans Eddie Royal Davante Adams Greg Olsen Vincent Jackson Carolina Panthers
Aaron Rodgers Eddie Lacy Doug Martin Steve Johnson Mike Evans Eddie Royal Jason Witten Jeremy Hill Miami Dolphins
Aaron Rodgers Jeremy Hill DeMarco Murray Davante Adams Charles Johnson Allen Hurns Owen Daniels A.J. Green Carolina Panthers
Aaron Rodgers Doug Martin Christopher Ivory Mike Evans Charles Johnson A.J. Green Austin Seferian-Jenkins Jonathan Stewart Carolina Panthers
Aaron Rodgers Jeremy Hill DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Davante Adams Charles Johnson Greg Olsen Christopher Ivory Minnesota Vikings
Matt Ryan Khiry Robinson Jonathan Stewart Vincent Jackson Julio Jones Charles Johnson Owen Daniels Jeremy Hill Miami Dolphins
Derek Carr Rashad Jennings DeMarco Murray Randall Cobb Mike Evans Davante Adams Greg Olsen Eddie Royal Minnesota Vikings
Aaron Rodgers Rashad Jennings Jeremy Hill Vincent Jackson Rueben Randle Eddie Royal Greg Olsen Jonathan Stewart Carolina Panthers
Sam Bradford Doug Martin DeMarco Murray Vincent Jackson Randall Cobb Julio Jones Richard Rodgers Khiry Robinson Carolina Panthers


I mainly wanted to show how my lineup optimizer will take guys you select and spit out multiple lineups.  It took maybe 5 minutes to generate these lineups.  Feel free to use them if you like.  Im going to try some!

Good luck in week 1!


For more info on our Football spreadsheet tool, go to https://optimizelineups.com/daily-fantasy-football-spreadsheet-tool/



How to Use Solver to create a daily fantasy football lineup for Fanduel

Many people use Excel for helping them in choosing their daily fantasy lineups.  Using Solver in Excel is a great way to help narrow down who you want to choose in your lineups.  However Solver can be tricky.  Even after using it for a long time, I still run into issues.  So I made this video on how to use solver to pick your daily fantasy football lineup for Fanduel.

I already made one for baseball.  It is at https://optimizelineups.com/2015/05/06/how-to-use-solver-in-excel-to-generate-optimal-lineups-for-daily-fantasy-sports/

This video below will explain how to set up your spreadsheet.  Tells you that Solver only looks at the top 200 records so you need to sort them for the best players to be at the top.  It shows how to set up the constraints for solver and the type of Solver program to use.  While it is similar to the baseball one, it has some differences so please let me know if you run into problems.



How to Use Solver in Excel to generate Optimal Lineups for Daily Fantasy Sports

I created this video to show how to generate optimal lineups for Daily Fantasy Sports.

Here is the download link for the Excel spreadsheet to follow along:


In this video, I use these steps to create the lineup spreadsheet:

1. Copy and paste your player data into the spreadsheet
2. Add a column to divide salary by projected score to get your top 200 players. Solver only looks at 200 records.
3. Created columns for each position and used an IF statement to tell if the player is in our lineup or not.
4. Set the parameters for Solver to look at which include the max salary, number of players at each position and total players.
5. How to install Solver
6. How to use solver to read the parameters we set up
7. How to see which players were chosen by Solver for our optimal lineup